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From Homeless to Hope-full

At one point in my life I was homeless, addicted to drugs and dangerously close to giving up on EVERYTHING!I understand what a fight life can be. I have also been blessed with the knowledge that with hard work and dedication. LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFULl


We Can be Limitless

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and happiness  are already within us. Sometimes we just need someone to show us the lock and  give us exampls of how to open it!


I am willing to share my experiences

I have been through a lot. I have had triumphs and tragedies. I understand the frailness AND the strength of the human condition. Let me motivate your group and show them how to use the good and the bad to make their  lives richer.

One Phoenix Rizing


I do not believe in looking back

As someone who has hit rock bottom, only to turn around and start digging a bigger hole. I  am empathetic to the hardships that daily life poses to those who are addicted, and/or mentally ill.

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Stories From The Heart

I am passionate about life. I have learned to accept that my past has not been perfect. I believe that good and bad can temper us into the amazing creatures we ALL have within us.



I feel that if I am able to share my story and it makes it a difference in only ONE  persons life. I will consider myself a success. Our PAST does not define who we are as PEOPLE.

Can You Spare Some Change

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